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Our motto at is: “Six Stars Services for Six Stars Customers”

We are dynamic people, passionate about movement, sports and mountains. We offer you a full range of services in Busteni, Valea Prahovei that have one thing in common: the love for mountains. When we don’t fly with our paragliders through the skies, or when we do not do speedflying, we ride our mountain bikes through woods on tracks, we climb or hike Bucegi valleys or alpine ridges of Fagaras or Piatra Craiului with ropes, crampons, ice axe. During winter we ski where we can and find snow, lots of snow, meaning everywhere, on ski slopes, or off piste, through forests, Bucegi valleys or on mountain. We love and practice all types of skiing: Alpine Ski, Ski touring, Ski Off-Piste, Free-Ride, Telemark. In one word we are mountain people. We live due to the mountain, we live only for the mountain, we love and respect the mountain very much.

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Cosmin: Mountain Guide/Local Guide/Mountain-Bike Guide/Paragliding pilot/Alpine ski instructor

  • Tourism Agent Guide – Mountain Guide – Local Guide, English speaker-advanced level- certified A.T.G.R. (Association of Touristic Guides of Romania)-2014
  • Tandem Paragliding Pilot– certified A.Z.L.R. (Free Flight Association of Romania)- 2005
  • Ski instructor – certified A.M.P.S.R. (Association of Professional Ski Instructors of Romania)-2009
  • Mountain-Bike Guide – 2012

About me:

  • I am born and raised in the city Busteni, city guarded by Mountain Caraiman. First time I went up the mountain when I was only 6 years old. I enjoy absolutely everything that is connected with the mountain, any activity that involves adrenaline, action, climbing, movement, sport, nature, cliffs, valleys, snow, peaks, ridges, beautiful landscapes, forest, true mountain people, trustful friends, good guitar music in the evening and a fire in the fireplace of a hut. These are the details of this story. I respect and love the mountain, I was born, raised and want to live my life here, close to the mountain.
  • I have over 16 years of experience and sports activity in alpine ski (competition and recreational), touring ski, free ride and off-piste 
  •  from Nov-2009 I am Alpine Ski Instructor certified A.M.P.S.R. 4th category having over 700 hours worked with kids and adults. I teach the classes using french method – ENSA school or austrian learning methodology for teaching, according to which is most effective for the customer.
  • I have over 16 years of experience and activity in climbing, rock climbing, mountain trekking, and peaks of over 4000 m climbed, and as Mountain Guide and Tourism Guide started working from 2012.
  • I have an experience of hundreds of hours of paragliding flight accumulated in thousands of flights flown since 2005.
  •  I practiced for 5 years road cycling
  •  since 2009 I started flying motorized paraglider
  • in 2011 I started speedflying, that is a very interesting combination of ski and flight, a sport that assumes riding ski slopes and very abrupt slopes flying in the proximity with a small glider (speedfly).
  • since 2012 I am Mountain-Bike Guide in the area of Bucegi mountains and Baiului on Prahova Valley and I take on tours all age categories and experience levels on all types of tracks: cross-country, single trail, single track, all-mountain, downhill, high plateau, ridge track, forest-road, in general everything that can be done by bike on Prahova Valley.
Types of services we offer:
  • ski lessons
  • hiking
  • mountain bike trips
  • bike rental
  • paragliding
  • off-road trips